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Karie Parsons

Kitty Carr



June 29, 2010


Karie Parsons

Reece & Nichols

West Glen Office

7070 Renner Road     

Shawnee KS 66217


Dear Karie,


I want to thank you again for all you have done for me in the short sale of my house in Overland Park.  Since I’ve never done a short sale prior to this economic downturn, you have been an invaluable help to me.


I am so grateful that a month after I took the house off the market, you sent me that letter, offering to give me the statistics on properties in my area, and then when I met you I was immediately impressed with all of the facts and figures you brought to me.  You told me upfront what I could reasonably expect to get and you worked tirelessly to get the house shown and to get contracts negotiated. 


You have gone above and beyond so many times during this lengthy transaction and you’ve held my hand through each worry and each struggle to close this deal.  You kept me informed of the rules and regulations for a short sale and passed on new information as it came to you.  You so generously shared the wealth of knowledge you possessed and when I had questions, you either had the answers or went hunting for them.  You kept me enlightened the entire time.  In such a scary situation, it gave me such peace of mind to know I had someone on my side I could trust and rely on so completely.


In every step of the way, you have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in a Real Estate agent, from researching all of the ins and outs of a short sale, to educating me and keeping me informed, and to the frustrations and aggravations of dealing with the incompetent people at the servicing company.  You were my advisor and my advocate.  You truly worked with me on many of the issues that came up, as well as working for me.  Things with the loan servicing company seldom went smoothly, but I was able to handle the ups and downs because you never left me floundering in the dark and I always knew you were by my side.


I have sung your praises to so many people and I’ve had a couple of them say they are putting their house on the market and would like to work with you.  I’ve given them your contact information and will continue to pass it on to anyone who mentions they are interested in buying or selling their home.


I wish you much continued success.  I feel very confident your business will continue to grow by leaps and bounds--- and no one deserves it more than you.


Best wishes from a very grateful client,


Kitty Carr


March 9th, 2010




Karie Parsons

Reece & Nichols Realtors

7070 Renner Road

Shawnee, KS  66217



Dear Karie,


I am writing to thank you for all of the guidance and professional services you provided my wife and me during our search for the “perfect” home, followed by the sale of our prior residence.  


After spending 27 years in the same location we were very particular about many features we were looking for in our next home, and you were patient in assisting us through our long search process.  You frequently sent updates about recent listings which offered the majority of the features we desired, and spent several evenings driving to out-of-the way places to show us the ones which were most appealing.   You offered guidance and insight concerning our questions about these homes and the overall purchase process, and went out of your way to check with the county and others to find answers which were not readily available.   When we finally discovered the home which met almost all our desires you provided valuable insight into the negotiation process, and with your help we were able to close and take ownership in a timeline which worked best for everyone involved.


Selling our prior home in a difficult economic environment was more challenging then we first anticipated, but you again stepped in with suggestions concerning cosmetic changes which would increase desirability in the minds of potential buyers.  Within a few weeks of your initial listing an individual began showing interest in the home, and you worked with his agent to negotiate a price and terms which were fair to both sides.   Thanks to your continued efforts we were able to close this sale in a timely fashion, which has since allowed us to focus on our time and energy on the enjoyment of our new home.


We appreciate all of your assistance throughout both the purchase and selling process, and know you’ll do your very best to provide the same professional service to all of your future clients.



(Robert) Lynn Adkins

Spring Hill, Kansas



April 20, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing today to sing the praises of Karie Parsons, real estate agent for Reece and Nichols.  It is important first to have a little background information.  I put my townhouse in south Overland Park on the market over three years ago.  I spent about eight months with a different Reece and Nichols agent, about a year with an agent from Prudential and about a year with an agent from Keller Williams.  Each of these three agents listed my house in every publication, but did little else to actually sell my house. 

When Karie Parsons came on board in late November of 2009, I was skeptical of real estate agents in general.  I was frustrated that no one had taken a personal interest in me, my story, my need to sell my house (I am moving out of state) and the very simple fact that I had yet to have a real estate agent who actually took some time to work for me.

The first thing that made Karie special is that she came after me as a client.  When I stopped working with the Keller Williams agent, I received a barrage of mail from other agents telling me they could sell my place.  Karie’s letter stood out as being not only genuine, but very enthusiastic.  I took a chance and called her.  After a brief phone conversation I invited her over and she sat down with me and presented a very thorough strategy on marketing my home for sale.  I was impressed with the homework she had done before she came over and the preparations she had made.  She was already committed to helping me sell my place even though she hadn’t been hired yet. 

After agreeing to work with Karie, she immediately went into action.  She not only listed my house on every single publication known to man, she also took to the phones and called other agents to encourage them to take their clients through my place.  She had open houses and agent walk-throughs.  She followed up with the people who stopped in the open-house and she called back agents who showed my house to their own clients.  It was really amazing to see the work that a real estate agent is supposed to do, and Karie did it with such enthusiasm.

Finally, in March of 2010, with the help of Karie, someone put an offer on my place and the final paperwork has just come through.  I have officially sold my house!  All through the closing process Karie was supportive and helpful.  She took it upon herself to work with my HOA and she even brought her husband over to take care of some handyman maintenance.  She definitely went way above and beyond what a real estate agent would normally do.  Again, I think this goes to her caring personality.  I truly believe that Karie cared about me as an individual and knew how important it was to me to sell my house and not have to worry about it when I moved away. 

I appreciate so much all that Karie did to help me sell my house.  She represented Reece and Nichols and the real estate profession with such dignity and enthusiasm.  I encourage anyone looking for a real estate agent to call Karie Parsons first!

Thank you for your time,

Jennifer Johnson